Brand book

CMYK: 0 20 100 0
RGB: 255 203 4

CMYK: 5 90 90 0
RGB: 228 65 49

CMYK: 80 20 100 5
RGB: 54 145 68

CMYK: 70 64 64 64
RGB: 44 44 43

Our new visual representation is portraying Lithuanian Catholic federation Ateitis as contemporary, modern open and vibrant organization.

Logo symbols (from historical logo) remained unchanged but we have made logo look more contemporary and better recognizable.

We have introduced additional symbol made of letter of the word Ateitininkai. It represents that organization members should be as bright as stars and guide you through the night. Letter were organized in the way to resemble Andromeda Galaxy which is translated in to Lithuania as Church Road.

We have preserved four main colors representing our four unions. Codes for these colors can be found there. As well black color could be used. Here you can find more examples how to use our symbols.

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Lithuanian Catholic federation Ateitis
Laisvės al. 13,
LT-44238 Kaunas
Tel./faksas.: +370 699 28 557

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